Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Things that Frost my Shades...

So, I've been listening to Richard Hoagland for a few years now, I used to hang on his every word but, now I've woken up...and yeah I got to go on a rant babe!!
Years ago when I was a more naive lad I used to peruse Hoagy's webbysite and read his stories, be amazed at his uber math skillz, and generally believe pretty much everything he wrote or said. The last few years though have been hard on ol'Hoagybear, people are wise to him, some of em seem to have a pretty good bead on things. Then there are some that IMNSHO really can't stand Ol'Hoagy and are out to prove it! This is a prime example Dorkmission , This is expat's lil blog page, now I don't know expat and I damn sure don't wanna piss him off either! Just a quick check of his very active blog site will show he has been in the business for showing Hoagy as the snake-oil  salesman he is for awhile now (about 4 yrs folks). Hoagy musta really pissed in his post toasties or slept with his wife to warrant that kinda love and affection!
Now the above is to give you, the casual reader a little background. There are all kinds of links and articles about Richard C. Hoagland. I ALWAYS tell people "do your research, come to your own conclusions".
Now Hoagies latest and pretty damn obvious B.S. story can be found at expats blog. He and Astroguy have done a pretty damn thorough job of not just disproving Hoagies wild assed claims of a "ziggurat" which from what I read is a big damn pyramid...oh yeah its on the FAR SIDE OF THE FRIKKEN MOON!! So you, me and everyone who isn't in NASA or have a spacecraft with a damn camera will just have to take ol'Hoagy's word for it...
AND if you act right now and donate $9.95 you will get a autographed picture of Hoagy himself! BUT wait, theres more! the 1st 50 believers who donate just $19.95 will get a pic of ol'Hoagy the big hunk of manly LOVE in da BUFF!! Thats right ladies (and some of you err men) get em while their hot hot hot!!
Sorry, I digress, that last little part is for all the folks like expat and his commentators to get a little laugh in.
Ya know, I read ol'Hoagies facebook page on occasion, he doesn't seem to post there to much but, some of the people that do are giving or dear Hoagybear plenty of material for future (cough cough) discoveries..(cough cough, hack, choke, cough)
So, if you are new to the wonderfully magical and fantastic world that the Haogster resides in, remember: he could sell a glass of water to a drowning man. He is a wordsmith, and Bullshitter, and he needs your money for his continued research. Which if he EVER finishes any of his projects/papers and could actually SHOW that his science is sound, people would most likely flock to him.
If just ONE of his theories could be proven, the folks with lots of money and very little sense (funny how they seem to go together huh) would worship the ground upon which they must lay so that he can walk in relative comfort!
I'm thinking that lately the Hoagster has come to the conclusion that his star not only isn't rising but, it is collapsing in on itself, imploding.
It's kinda sad really, he held such promise, and more importantly he held the hopes and dreams of alot of people that he inevitably let down...some harder than others, some haven't realized yet that they are now in free fall.
If you go to his website and read some of his earlier works, you can tell he and people that actually seemed to work with him put alot of work into what they put out on the net. I don't know if ANY of it is true or not. Some of it is very compelling and I think that is the most important thing Hoagland has really done, getting people to wake up and question things. Back in the day you could read his articles and they were seemingly well thought out, logical, possible, and it made you think of different possibilities! Like the Egypt air that the pilot shut down the engines and then it supposedly climbed several thousand feet! Is it true? I dunno but, it got me to start questioning things instead of just being force fed my beliefs. The article is on Hoagies website... It's not indexed worth a crap and it happened in 1999 wiki article so that should narrow down your search on Hoagies site (sorry but ya gotta start doing some stuff fer yourself kiddo). There are many rabbit holes, and some of em are snake-holes in disguise so, be mindful of that my young padawan's.
Well, i'm off to bed, ill be back soon to write some more earth shattering thoughts that will probably shake the very foundation of the cosmos...atleast a little bit at a time LOL


Monday, July 23, 2012


Greetings from the fringe! I'm new to this so please bear with me, at least at the onset.
I decided to start this blog for a few reasons. The first and probably most important is the complete and total amount of BS that is currently floating around. As you may have deduced from the blog title, this will mainly pertain to the subject of UFO's, Extraterrestrials, Ancient astronauts, Ancient Civilizations, Mars, both Martian moons, The Moon (ours), Politics, Conspiracy Theories (good ones), and anything else I can throw in here.
Now so you will understand, recently I have been totally blown away by ALOT of peoples willingness to believe some fantastic theory or tale that is soooo far beyond the realm or reason that it is mind boggling! Most of these "stories" come from a select few individuals that are obviously out to make a buck by preying on peoples fervent desire to believe the crap they are shoveling.
Don't get me wrong, I like a "good" conspiracy but, it would seem that there are those that will believe just about ANYTHING! IMNSHO there are two main reasons for this A) They really want to believe because It's better than what they deem is a very depressing reality or B) They are naive and gullible, trusting and are prone to believe fantastic amazing fairy tails.  Joseph Goebbels once said: The more fantastic a lie, the more people will believe it. He should know, he told some of the most convincing BS lies the Nazis ever produced. He was the minister of propaganda by the way. Soo hopefully, I can spare time from work and studying for my next certification to discuss some interesting topics, hopefully someone out there will read this blog and get some enjoyment, or enlightenment out of it or just THINK a little differently, and question EVERYTHING!!!